Aleph Zero joins CLST Institutional Lending and Borrowing Network

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Press release: Wednesday, February 16, 2022, 5:00 p.m. CAT | Source: Aleph Zero

Swiss-based FinTech companies CLST and Aleph Zero have announced a partnership to improve lending and borrowing of specific digital currencies in countries where the new financial practice is approved.

The partnership will explore optimal treasury management for the Aleph Zero Foundation, tap into the liquidity supply of the protocol’s native AZERO token, and facilitate institutional adoption of stablecoins to be issued on the Aleph Zero protocol. The companies’ founders say the partnership will improve liquidity management to achieve efficient price discovery.

“Through our network, Aleph Zero has been able to engage with the world’s leading liquidity providers in key geographic markets,” said Michael Guzik, Founder and CEO of Zurich-based CLST. “By providing AZERO to Tier 1 institutions in the crypto asset space, we believe this is a game-changer to match AZERO supply with demand and efficiently deploy liquidity.”

Prior to founding CLST, Guzik was the youngest head of blockchain at PwC, and previously held various roles leading blockchain-based businesses with a focus on FinTech. He led primary markets at Lykke, advised the Swiss Stock Exchange on its digital asset exchange infrastructure, and was a partner at Blockchain Valley Ventures. He also founded KORE Technologies, a leading provider of infrastructure for digital assets. “New money markets are key to institutional adoption,” he says.

“Building a highly complex blockchain-based infrastructure requires a lot of talent, time, and attention, while driving end-user adoption is a daunting task,” says Guzik. “Token-level liquidity and institutional adoption require completely different skill sets and networks. As an institutional lending and borrowing platform, we naturally work with the biggest players to bring together all the partners necessary for the success of token issuers.

Among exchanges and payments, institutional capital markets are the cornerstone of the mass adoption of stablecoins and crypto assets. A particular area is the markets for short-term debt, commonly referred to as institutional lending and short-term borrowing.

Through CLST Markets, issuers of these assets can access an institutional market and build liquidity among the world’s largest hedge funds, exchanges, proprietary trading firms, asset managers, crypto banks and foundations. “CLST aims to directly connect lenders and borrowers by creating a layer of automatic bilateral price negotiation and settlement for institutional users,” said Antoni Zolciak, co-founder of Aleph Zero.

Zolciak, who combines the roles of COO and CMG at Aleph Zero, is an experienced technology marketer, having been involved in various PR and marketing projects for ING, Samsung, Sony, Olympus and Nikon. He gained experience in ABB’s Corporate Communications department in Zurich while working at Admind Agency, Poland’s largest branding company, and as Vice President of Marketing for In’saneLab. He has also worked as an inbound marketer for Brand24 and Codewise, the second fastest growing company in Europe, according to the Financial Times.

“Unlocking liquidity is a crucial part of building a successful ecosystem, regardless of short-term market sentiment,” Zolciak added. “We are delighted to enter into a relationship with CLST and have full confidence in their team’s abilities.”

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