Android TV gets even better by borrowing more features from Google TV

Android TV continues to transform itself more and more into a Google TV clone, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. the The last big update that included similar adaptations was back in February when Android TV received its current interface design, improving the look and feel a bit.

With the latest update, the platform borrows other useful features from its sibling, Google TV. You can now create a watchlist, which will be nested as a row under the Discover tab.

There are several ways to add a show or movie to your watchlist. You can do this by tapping and holding the title on the Discover tab and clicking “Add to Watchlist” or by tapping on the detail page of the “Watchlist” button. You also have the option to add titles on other devices through the Google TV app or with Google search.

Another useful feature introduced with the new update is the ability to “train” the platform to give you more personalized content. This is done in a somewhat gamified way, in the form of maps. You swipe left or right to “pass” or “more like this”. Yes, I’m sure you made the link here.

You can find the ‘improve your recommendations’ tool in the Discover tab or by going to Device Preferences> Home Screen> Content Preferences in the app settings.

The title details section now offers more immersion, with trailers automatically playing for titles that contain them, giving you a preview of the content. If you’re in the ‘it’s boring as hell’ camp, I’m happy to let you know that the feature can be turned off by going to Settings> Device Preferences> Home Screen under “Turn on Video Previews. “.

The new features are coming to users this week, so keep an eye out for this update that appears.

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