Biden Competition Ordinance Sparks Lobbying

The ordinance, and any new federal rules it could promote, “have the potential to significantly affect the manufacturing economy,” Netram said. “We plan to be involved every step of the way. ”

Bring the market battles to Washington

Some companies, lobbyists said, see potential opportunities in the executive order, especially if it targets their competitors – bringing to the fore long-standing disputes in the Washington marketplace. Fights over agency actions are likely to pit sectors against each other, as well as individual companies against each other.

“There are still legitimate concerns across industries that no company is gaining an unfair competitive advantage over others through consolidation,” said lobbyist Stephanie Silverman, who heads Venn Strategies. But, she added, “it’s very easy to go too far if regulators don’t understand the nuances of the industry.”

Silverman said the order is very broad and it is not clear what the agencies will do to implement it. “The question through the interests of our clients is whether regulators will seek to implement policies to restrict what they perceive to be anti-competitive interests,” she said.

Friedman, whose company Akin Gump issued a order analysis Shortly after its signing by the president, lobbyists are considering potential “points of contact,” including officials designated by each agency to work with the newly created White House Competition Council.

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