Borrow a page and more from packers

Bears general manager Ryan Poles may have said his team wants to take the North and not give it back, but that hasn’t stopped new Bears coach Matt Eberflus from complimenting the current champions of the NFC North.

Eberflus on Tuesday at the NFL Combine made it clear why he chose Luke Getsy as his offensive coordinator.

The success the Packers have had over the years on offense, along with other teams running similar style offenses like San Francisco or the LA Rams, has a lot to do with hiring the former quarterbacks coach to Aaron Rodgers.

“These guys, you look and say these guys are hard to defend,” Eberflus said. “They’re very innovative in their first 15 (scripted plays) and they’re great at halftime. They’re really good in situations. And that’s what drew me to Luke.”

Getsy originated from Matt LaFleur’s Packers system, which is a derivative of the popular Shanahan offensive style used by the 49ers and Rams.

It’s obvious that Eberflus wanted someone of that particular attacking style.

“When you look at the innovation for the callers and the guys that have been in the systems, what you want to do is look at the tape, you know, so what family (offensive system) did they come from and what style was that particular band play and show and the invocations they had with their pieces,” Eberflus said. “And this band, for me, did that all the way. And that’s what got me interested in Luke all the way.”

Beyond the Packers/Shanahan style offense, Eberflus saw something in Getsy’s ability to teach.

In fact, this is the quality they were looking for in all of their staff.

“That’s one of the first qualities we look for,” Eberflus said. “I had long discussions with him about his teaching style and the way he conducts his business there, and it has been exceptional.”

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