At the dawn of a tech-driven world, the needs and expectations of the times have also evolved based on the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the life of the future.

Therefore, a solid education is imperative to shape the next generation of Malaysians.

To make education accessible to all, regardless of origin, the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) was established as part of the government’s efforts to ensure that no student is denied higher education due to financial constraints in offering loans for education.

Usually, these loans are meant to cover tuition fees, as well as part of living expenses.

From its inception in 1997 until October 31 of this year, PTPTN Education Loans have benefited over 3.59 million borrowers, involving RM 65.18 billion.

“With the various efforts and friendly approaches implemented by PTPTN, it is hoped that borrowers will take advantage of this to make repayments and come and discuss with us because we are ready to help them,” explains Ahmad Dasuki.Beyond just being a loan provider, PTPTN should be seen as an education fund that enables Malaysians to start saving for their children’s future education and to foster a culture of savings through its initiative. of National Education Savings Scheme (SSPN). PTPTN’s role is very similar to that of Lembaga Tabung Haji as a place of savings for Hajj preparations, or the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) as savings for retirement.

In line with the PTPTN 2021-2025 Strategic Plan via the third strategic axis, PTPTN is still working to improve the management of the recovery of loan repayments to be more efficient.

To this end, the #PTPTNSediaBantu initiative was introduced to facilitate transactions between PTPTN and borrowers, as well as to publicize the wide variety of channels for easier, faster and more secure transactions.

This initiative is also helping borrowers understand and use its existing communication channels more effectively and connect with its frontline clients to help them troubleshoot issues or answer questions.

The recent budget presentation by the Minister of Finance, Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz, will certainly benefit PTPTN borrowers through incentives to repay loans.

A PTPTN loan repayment discount is granted from November 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022 which involves:

> 15% discount for full payment.

> 12% discount for payments of at least 50% of the debt balance in a single payment.

> 10% discount for reimbursement by deduction from salary or deduction on time.

This discount incentive would benefit 1.67 million borrowers.

Borrowers who wish to make a full settlement of at least 50% should obtain confirmation of the debt balance through www.ptptn.gov.my or contact a PTPTN marketing manager. Subsequently, loan repayment can be made through any repayment channel provided by PTPTN.

Borrowers who wish to make payday or direct debit payments can continue to apply online through the PTPTN website.

The forgiveness incentive will update in the borrower’s loan account at the end of each month and the borrower can review the respective statements within seven days of the following month.

Meanwhile, borrowers who settle their debts through various payment channels provided by PTPTN, such as EPF and banks, can also enjoy discounts of 15% and 12% for payment in the same month.

Borrowers are advised to make their payments no later than 27 days per month.

In addition, borrowers who owe only one Wang Pendahuluan Pinjaman (WPP) are also eligible for a 12% discount for payment of at least 50% of the total WPP debt balance in the same month only and are Eligible for a 15% discount if they pay off all WPP debt in the same month.

PTPTN is open to negotiation if borrowers encounter problems with financial commitments, as they can request restructuring of their loan repayments. That said, borrowers must meet their responsibility to make repayments to ensure that the funds can continue to be provided to future generations.

PTPTN Director General Ahmad Dasuki Abdul Majid said: “PTPTN, as an agency under the Ministry of Higher Education, hopes that borrowers will continue to support the government’s efforts to retain the financing funds of the government. education by fulfilling their responsibility to repay their loans for the future education of the next generation. Seize this opportunity with the incentives offered now.

With the various efforts and friendly approaches put in place by PTPTN, it is hoped that borrowers will take the opportunity to make repayments and come to discuss with us because we are ready to help them.

For more details, borrowers can browse the official PTPTN portal at www.ptptn.gov.my or contact PTPTN through the following channels:

> PTPTN Careline at 03-2193 3000 (Monday to Friday, 9 p.m. to 5 p.m.)

> Live chat on www.ptptn.gov.my

> e-Aduan on https: //eaduan.ptptn.gov.my

> PTPTN Marketing Manager at www.ptptn.gov.my/hubung-ptptn

> Official social media of the National Higher Education Fund Corporation

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