Canada Life: 44% of adults on leave turn to borrowing

According to a Canada Life study, about 44% of adults currently on leave have either borrowed, or considered borrowing, money on credit cards throughout the pandemic.

The data also found that 42% of adults on leave have borrowed or have considered borrowing money from family or friends, and 41% have or have considered taking out a loan.

However, 34% used real estate wealth to bolster their finances while on leave.


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The most common way to improve their finances was to borrow money on credit cards, with 44% saying they considered or did this.

Next in line are loans from family or friends (42%) and loans (41%).

More than a third (34%) of those on leave have remortgage or considered remortgage their property.

This is particularly the case for young workers, with 49% of 18-34 year olds having considered or done so, compared to 36% for 35-54 year olds and only 5% for those 55 and over.

Alice Watson, Chief Marketing Officer, Insurance at Canada Life, said: “The leave plan has provided much needed support to millions of workers across the country.

“However, with fragile finances, many have had to consider other sources of income to increase their income, whether it is turning to friends and family, seeking forms of credit or accessing the wealth of the property.

“As we move through the pandemic, it is likely that many people will feel additional financial pressure as the leave program draws to a close this month.

“Real estate is playing an increasingly important role in financial plans.

“Anyone considering accessing their real estate assets should consult a financial advisor, whether it’s a remortgage or a release of equity.

“Since the market offers so much choice and flexibility, contacting a financial advisor is a smart first step.

“These professionals will be able to offer holistic advice and tailor-made solutions to the needs of each individual.

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