Coronary debts: Opening of the 36-72 monthly repayment terms platform

The activation of the new electronic platform in myAADE, through which applications for inclusion in the coronary debt settlement program will be submitted by the end of the year by the 826,000 affected by the pandemic which during the pandemic period is a matter of days and hours. (March 2020-July 2021) accumulated debts to the public totaling 1.5 billion euros.

These are exceptional and regular debts confirmed and due for income tax, ENFIA, VAT, inheritance tax and contributions to tax and insurance funds that do not were not paid on time, as well as regulated debts whose debts were suspended by government decision. their collection.

The arrangement for partial payment of coronary debts agreed between government finance staff and institutions included two debt settlement options for debtors affected by the pandemic.

The first option provides for the repayment of coronary debts up to 36 monthly interest-free installments and the second alternative is 37 to 72 interest-free monthly installments with an interest rate of 2.5%.

Debts are estimated at around 1.5 billion euros with 826,000 debtors owed affected by the pandemic, such as businessmen, entrepreneurs, suspended workers, homeowners who “cut off” their property, the unemployed, etc.

The repayment of coronary debts to the tax administration will begin in early 2022 and the first payment will be paid by the end of January next year, while the final number of payments to which each debtor (natural person or company) will be entitled will depend. criteria, while there will be a minimum installment payment amount.

The minimum monthly amount of regularization cannot be less than 30 euros for the total of the adjustments of debts, interest and surcharges included, up to 1000 euros or less than 50 euros for the total adjustments of debts, interest and surcharges included, higher to 1,000 euros.

The delay in the payment of the deposit of the regulation implies its load with a monthly increase of 5%.

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