Costa Mesa IKEA floating ‘buyback’ program to help achieve 2030 climate positivity target

Got some old IKEA furniture lying around? You may be able to return it for store credit, as the Costa Mesa outlet is launching a new buy-back and resale program until December 5 to promote sustainability.

Last year, the Swedish retailer set a goal of becoming climate positive by 2030, which means IKEA intends not only to achieve net zero carbon emissions, but also to save more greenhouse gas emissions than its stores and products generate.

Vanessa Pasillas, head of loyalty for the Costa Mesa site, said on Thursday that the program was just one of many initiatives taken to help the company reach its ambitious goal.

In addition to the temporary buy-back program, the location offers a sustainable lifestyle boutique with eco-friendly items and tips for reusing items, saving water and increasing product longevity to reduce waste. landfill.

Briana Lehman, market manager for IKEA in Costa Mesa, on Thursday shows a sustainable lifestyle store on the site, which offers products such as recycled plastic bottles and tools for recycling items.

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The day after Thanksgiving, when other retailers hold Black Friday sales, IKEA stores will feature “Green Friday,” where visitors can participate in workshops on how to recycle parts or fully reuse them.

“The hope is, with all of these changes we’re making to be circular and climate positive, that we are encouraging our customers to make sustainable choices,” she said. “We need to act, but we also need our customers to support us. “

The buy-back and resale offering began as a pilot program at a Pennsylvania store in September. It was such a success that 100% of the items brought in found a second home, Pasillas said. Now, 33 of 51 outlets nationwide offer the service to people who are registered with the IKEA Family Rewards program.

A reusable plastic water bottle is one of the items in IKEA's Sustainable Living Shop.

A reusable plastic water bottle is one of IKEA’s Sustainable Living Shop items at the Costa Mesa store.

(Scott Smeltzer / Personal Photographer)

Members can go online and search to see if their item qualifies for the service. After answering a few questions about his condition, they may be offered a redemption amount, which will be given out in the form of a gift card after they bring the item to the store, according to Briana Lehman, head of the store. Costa Mesa market. shop.

“If the product is approved, they bring the item into the building,” Lehman said. “The returns worker verifies that the product is what he said it was. The better the condition, the more they would receive in return.

Once a part is accepted, it rolls out onto the floor, in the “As Is” section of the store, where already assembled items are available at discounted prices. Pasillas said there is no official limit on the age of an approved item.

“We’re actually excited to see some of the products coming back as some of these pieces could be iconic pieces that we haven’t seen in our store for a long time,” she added.

If the program is successful, it may one day expand to include more stores on a more regular basis. Lehman said the stores are focused on building a community around sustainable consumption practices.

“We want to participate in building a better future for people and the planet,” she said.

With the aim of becoming climate positive by 2030, Swedish retailer IKEA is focusing on sustainable products and practices.

Aiming to become climate positive by 2030, Swedish retailer IKEA is focusing on sustainable products and practices. The day after Thanksgiving, the Costa Mesa store will host “Green Friday” with workshops on converting and upcycling furniture to extend its use.

(Scott Smeltzer / Personal Photographer)

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