Darrell John Honeybone fined $4,000 plus $170,000 refund for building work without permit

A former builder who was ordered to reimburse clients $170,000 for incomplete work has been fined an additional $4,000 for starting work without a building permit and missing contract deadlines at a property in the suburb of Mandurah.

The Building Services Board of Building and Energy found that Darrell John Honeybone breached WA building registration laws after carrying out work on a Bouvard property without planning permission. He also breached his contractual obligations with his clients by not carrying out the work.

Mr. Honeybone was hired by the owners of the Bouvard property in June 2018 to build a single-storey house with a separate garage workshop and attached carport. The contract obligated Mr. Honeybone to a construction time of 300 days and was valued at $255,000.

He began work on the workshop and carport in October 2018, but did not submit a building permit application to the city of Mandurah for the structures until January 2019.

In 2019, a second building permit was filed with the City for the construction of the house but the house was never completed. Mr Honeybone missed both the 300-day construction deadline and an extension to August 2020.

The owners then filed a complaint with the Building and Energy Department of the Ministry of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety and the case was subsequently referred to the State Administrative Court.

In October 2020, the SAT ordered Mr. Honeybone to reimburse the owners $170,000.

Mr. Honeybone is no longer a registered building contractor or building practitioner.

Buildings and Energy Executive Director Saj Abdoolakhan called the former builder’s actions “unacceptable”.

“Performing unauthorized construction work can result in faulty or unsafe buildings,” Abdoolakhan said.

“Builders are responsible for fulfilling their obligations and respecting the deadlines they have agreed upon.

“These actions can damage the reputation of the construction industry. It is crucial that we continue to hold people accountable. »

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