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Homeowners in Lebanon’s school district would save a little less by paying off the proposed $20 million for repairs and renovations the district announced March 17 after it erred in reporting an average homeowner’s annual obligation.

The discounted bill comes to $45.50 each year for a homeowner whose home is valued at $175,000. That’s $5.25 less than the annual reimbursement originally offered to voters, but $4.97 more than figures released Thursday by the Lebanon Community School District.

District officials had estimated an additional annual bill of $50.75 in February when they sent the bond to the May 17 primary ballot. The district revised that drop by 20% to $40.53 in a news release Thursday to Mid-Valley Media after staff reportedly re-executed the taxpayer’s projected obligation based on updated 2022 tax assessments.

The district reissued the press release on Friday with the updated annual reimbursement figure. Spokeswoman Susanne Stefani said district staff miscalculated the annual obligation, but not the tax rate at the heart of that estimate.

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“Although there are several people on the original project,” Stefani said. “It’s literally a mistake.”

The tax rate went from 29 cents in 2021 to 26 cents for every $1,000 of property each month in the district — $45.50 for that average $175,000 property and 10% higher than Thursday’s projection .

The proposed bond would replace leaky roofs and foreclosure-prone air conditioning equipment in schools and renovate Lebanon’s community swimming pool – owned by the school district, but operated by the Lebanon Aquatic District.

If approved, Oregon would provide an additional $4.3 million.

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