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We couldn’t resist picking up the microphones when news revealed that Headspace meditation software and Ginger’s on-demand mental health service combined. We were in the mood for some hot shots, so Natasha and Alex had the chat on Twitter Spaces, as you can see. The special guests we had, which we will talk about below, did not disappoint.

It’s a brief introduction, but the TL; DR is if you’re interested, why would meditation software go into therapy, how the precedent of Lyra Health and Calm can be applied to healthcare reform, and what consolidation looks like for the industry as a whole.

Here are the people who helped us understand and contextualize the news:

  • Deena Shakir, partner of Lux Capital and host of “Crowdfunding Love”, will join us (who also participates in Disrupt 2018).
  • Chrissy Farr, co-founder and CEO of OMERS Ventures (whom you may also remember as a former CNBC healthcare reporter), recently said.
  • The company is a top-down crypto fund that specializes in start-ups.

Russell Glass, CEO of Ginger, was unable to join us on stage due to technical difficulties. Twitter Spaces are a lot of fun, but the platform is still relatively new, which means errors can cause live production issues.

However, we were able to get some of his notes via email, so let’s take a look at them:

  • According to Glass, who sits on the Headspace Health board of directors, he agrees “with what Chrissy Farr and others have said about the fact that there just aren’t enough therapists out there. the market now to meet the huge demand “. He also notes that “there is a real global need for what Headspace Health has to offer – a
  • On his Google account, he also double-clicked on the related topic of future “significant market concentration”, suggesting that he expects this to happen especially in “areas that meet more care. high acuity for serious mental illnesses “.

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