Hannity tears up Biden demanding ‘fair share’ in reports he could borrow $ 500,000 IRS and hunter tax evasion investigation

In his “Opening Monologue” Friday, Sean Hanity called on President Joe Biden to show obvious hypocrisy after the Delaware Democratic Party demanded that American taxpayers “pay a fair distribution.” The Parliamentary Research Service says it is itself obligated to pay the IRS a Medicare tax of $ 500,000.

Organizers also asked if Democrats in Dover would investigate Biden as thoroughly as other Democrats were following Donald Trump on their accounts.

In “Hannity,” the host points out that Biden continues to blame border guard officers and that equestrian officers are involved in allegations accused of “paying” for their alleged misconduct. Claimed to be.

“Joe Biden has harsher rhetoric for the American people than the Chinese Communist Party,” Hannity added, and Beijing has “compromise information” on his 51-year-old son, R. Hunter Biden. He said he could be.

“Joe Biden now, ironically, likes to lecture and scold Americans by not looking at the fair distribution of taxes,” Biden does not pay American citizens a “fair distribution.” After publicly warning this, he said.

“I really mean it – and I’m from an American corporate nation,” said the president, apparently from Delaware and its largest city, Wilmington, due to their benevolent fiscal and economic policies. Mentioned the fact that it is popular to establish a company.

“Pay your fair share?” OK Joe, and you and the hunters… start paying your fair share before you give us a talk, ”Hannity replied.

Don’t forget he’s under federal investigation – a hunter, your son, possibly a man who used crack threatened by Russia and China, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, and Libya. Why? International tax evasion and money laundering. “

In a December statement, Hunter Biden admitted that Delaware federal prosecutor David Weiss informed a lawyer that he was “investigating my tax affairs.”

Weiss is, in particular, one of the few Trump appointees that the Biden administration has taken over to this post. A source told Fox News at the time that hunters were reported in the Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) for suspicious foreign transactions.

Hannity pointed out that President Trump continues to be legally attacked by New York Democratic Attorney General Letitia James for his own business.

He wondered aloud if Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings would consider investigating the Bidens as firmly as James pursued Trump.

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According to Congressional Research Service-Independents-Joe, you could be forced to pay up to $ 500,000 in taxes, ”he said. In New York for the exact same “claim” quote. “”

Hannity added that the “bogus news media” should have speculated on Hunter and Joe Biden’s allegations as deeply as they did against Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

“Or, Joe is a Liberal Democrat, not Donald Trump, so he just gets a Presidential Protection Program like he had a Candidate Protection Program?”

Hannity tears up Biden demanding ‘fair share’ in reports he could borrow $ 500,000 IRS and investigates hunter’s tax evasion

Source link Hannity tears up Biden demanding ‘fair share’ in reports he could borrow $ 500,000 IRS and hunter’s tax evasion investigation

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