HKEX acts as a superconnector between China and the world

As one of the world’s leading exchange groups, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) is the frontline regulator of Hong Kong-listed companies as well as the preferred global trading channel for China-related investments in the Asian time zone.

A leader in information disclosure and corporate governance, HKEX is the epitome of professionalism, transparency and effective communication, as evidenced by its 2021 Annual Report which won the “Best Annual Report Award”. and the “Best Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Reporting Award”.

According to a spokesperson for HKEX, the company is delighted and honored to receive the awards and stresses that industry recognition and affirmation is one of the driving forces for the team to continue striving for excellence in corporate governance and high quality disclosure.

Its award-winning annual report presents HKEX’s strategic vision of “Connecting China and the World”. The photos were chosen to reflect the vibrancy, vibrancy and diversity of Hong Kong as an international financial center and market of the future.

Besides disclosing financial data, the annual report shares HKEX’s business strategy, competitive advantages and industry trends. At the beginning of the annual report is a very engaging and easy-to-understand “Strategic and Financial Highlights” that summarizes the key points shareholders and stakeholders need to know.

Regarding its corporate social responsibility report, HKEX has improved its disclosures on climate-related risks and opportunities that could have a significant financial or strategic impact on its business.

In line with its commitment to promoting sustainability, diversity and inclusion, the printed version of the annual report continues to use FSC paper, while the electronic version has been prepared in accordance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Going forward, HKEX will continue to strengthen communication with shareholders and stakeholders, improve information disclosure on its website, and keep abreast of international trends in disclosure requirements in order to improve further the quality and readability of its annual reports to ensure full and clear disclosure of HKEX’s progress and plans in aspects such as finance, business strategy, ESG and corporate social responsibility.

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