Holding Nov Vek: Partial refund

Partial refund

20.05.2022 10:00:03 (local time)

Company: Holding Nov Vek AD-Sofia (6N31)
In view of an upcoming partial principal repayment of a bond issue, please be aware of the following:
– Issuer: Holding Nov Vek AD-Sofia
– BSE Code: 6N31
– ISIN Code: BG2100015150
– Date of partial redemption: 27.05.2022
– Total partial refund: 750000 EUR
– Partial redemption per bond: 50 EUR
– The right to partial repayment of the principal will belong to all bondholders registered with the Central Depository on 26.05.2022 (Record Date).
– The deadline for trading the bonds of this issue on the BSE-Sofia, following which the holder will be entitled to a partial repayment of the principal, will be 23.05.2022 (Ex Date: 25.05.2022).
– After 27.05.2022, interest will be calculated on the rest of the outstanding capital, i.e. on 6000000 EUR.
– Exchange transactions executed after 23.05.2022 will give right to the principal remaining due per bond, i.e. EUR 400.


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