How the big resignation turns into a big reshuffle


Long term research

One of the benefits of the Great Resignation is that workers will eventually be able to create careers that better fit their lives. “We’re going to see more and more people benefiting from tailor-made work arrangements,” Klotz says. “People at the start of their professional life are often not afraid of being in the office because they want an early career development, but they could then switch to hybrid or digital nomadism later in their career. “

Employees who have already built up career capital are restructuring. But many young workers in entry-level positions, who were a big part of the Great Resignation in pandemic-ravaged industries such as hospitality and retail, are also finding the careers that suit them best. “Currently we are seeing that young people change jobs every 18 months on average,” says Salvatore Nigro, CEO of JA Europe, a Brussels-based education provider.

However, these trends do not necessarily represent a permanent shift towards an endless job exchange. “It’s a transition,” Lordan said. “Over time, workers will know which large company is offering what in terms of a hybrid. But currently, companies are still determining policies and whether to adapt their work models to the demands of the labor market. “

Klotz agrees that the current reshuffle will take years to take hold. “As organizations change, employees migrate to the work arrangements they want at this point in their lives. We might see a volatile job market as people move and businesses try to deliver solutions that get the best out of their people – and it takes time. ”

In this new “big change”, workers are deliberately taking the next steps in the career paths that best suit their needs. Ultimately, it could mean an improved and more fulfilling professional life for millions of people. As Klotz puts it: “If the pandemic has any silver lining, it is hopefully it has led to a permanent improvement in the world of work. “


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