I borrowed Tk6 lakh from friends and family and started filming Poddapuran: Rashid Polash

In a recent interview with The Business Standard, director Rashid Polash spoke about his films “Poddapuran” and “Pritilata”

October 20, 2021, 10:10 a.m.

Last modification: October 20, 2021, 11:32 a.m.

Rachid Polash. Photo / Courtesy


Rachid Polash. Photo / Courtesy

‘Poddapuran’, the first film directed by Rashid Polash, was released on October 6 and to date the film has generated a lot of buzz.

The director is currently working on a new film ‘Pritilata’. The central character of this film is played by Porimoni.

In a recent interview with The Business Standard, director Rashid Polash spoke about his films “Poddapuran” and “Pritilata”.

The Business Standard (TBS): What kind of responses do you receive for “Poddopuran”?

Rachid Polash: So far I have only received positive feedback from the public. Everyone was in quarantine for a while. Now we’re just happy that people can come to the theaters again where James Bond’s “No Time to Die” is being played. It even makes James Bond my competitor. Either way, people still watch a Bangla movie. It is undoubtedly overwhelming.

How did the “Poddapuran” manufacturing process go?

It wasn’t exactly a trip, but a battle for us. Everyone on my team worked incredibly hard. However, they did not receive enough money. We turned to a place that takes an hour and a half to reach via a trawler. Our filming locations were the Padma River in Rajshahi and the banks of Manikganj. We commuted this way for 15 consecutive days. Meanwhile, Cyclone ‘Foni’ hit and we had to finish filming in the middle of it all.

Who is the audience for this film?

This is not a film for all audiences. It’s a film that makes you think. It will make you think and feel good. So, those who like to think a little while having fun and want to recall old memories would watch this movie and express their love for it.

From what I heard, there was no producer for this film at the time of filming. Is it correct?

That’s right. We didn’t have a producer when we shot the first batch. I borrowed six lakh taka from my friends, family and even my wife, with whom I started filming Poddopuran. We couldn’t pay fees to anyone. I just got to finish the shoot one way or another. Then I sat down with a few producers to talk about the project and they joined in later.

Your first movie was called ‘Naior’, but it didn’t come out. However, the second film “Poddopuran” has been released. How do you feel about this?

Yes, the first movie I did was ‘Naior’ but there is no way to release this movie although the producer wants it to come out. But I filmed ‘Poddopuran’ and it came out.

Is it difficult to release a movie?

Quite difficult. When I tried to release my films, I saw the real faces of a lot of people. There are a lot of so-called Bangla cinema enthusiasts around us. But in reality, these are all frauds. I invited them to watch my films but they refused and asked me for money. Oddly enough, they are also the ones who act as if they are going to give their lives for the Bangladeshi film industry.

In fact, they do not belong to this industry. On the contrary, they hold the industry captive. We have to get out of this debacle. On the other hand, I have received and continue to receive support from some of the more unlikely sources in the industry. I would say this is my cinema accomplishment.

What is the latest update for ‘Pritilata’?

35% of the shoot is complete. I will resume my remaining work in Chattogram next month. While it had to be done sooner, a horrible storm hit the actress in my film. So, despite my preparation, I couldn’t start working. But now we are ready. After I finish the job, I want to release the movie on Pritilata’s birthday next year.

‘Pritilata’ is a period drama. Was it difficult to make such a film?

Very difficult. The right props, locations, and actresses for this era were hard to come by. We were lucky to have an actress like Porimoni. She is doing her best and it is also a very difficult job for us. In addition, this type of film requires a lot of money and it becomes difficult to find a producer. So our trip was longer than expected.

What qualities does a director need to have to make a great film?

The first quality is courage, the second is honesty, and the third is the ability to tell the story correctly. With these three ingredients, a director can make a great movie that will appeal to audiences.

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