‘I returned the borrowed money’, CK Janu agrees with CK Saseendran’s statement | CK Janu borrowed money from CK Saseendran

Kalpetta: JRP leader CK Janu agrees with former MP CK Saseendran’s statement that the amount she gave him was money she borrowed from him earlier.

“I returned the amount I borrowed from Saseendran. I made money through farming. It is unfounded that the amount was made by corruption. I will act legally against those who raise up. false allegations, ”Janu said.

“I borrow money from a lot and return it later. Saseendran couldn’t give money when I asked him to. So he arranged a bank loan which I paid to the bank. herself. Is it a crime to borrow money or take out a loan? ” Janu asked.

MSF President PK Navas told police that CK Janu had given CK Saseendran’s wife the money that K Surendran had given her when standing in the parliamentary elections.

Soon after, Saseendran clarified that the amount was borrowed money. He said Janu borrowed 3 lakh Rs from him in 2019 and it was given through a bank account. He added that she asked for the money to buy a vehicle and that the amount given to her was the borrowed money.

Rs 3 lakh was given to Janu in October 2019 and she returned Rs 1.5 lakh to her account in 2020 and the remaining Rs 1.5 lakh in March 2021. The money was transferred by bank and returned by the same channel. The amount was given as personal assistance, Saseendran said.

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