“I wanted to return to Inter to return the affection of the fans”

Former Inter striker Adriano has said he wants to return to Inter so he can return the affection of the fans, according to a report in Italian media.

Speaking while on the Podpa podcast, as reported by FCInternewsAdriano has opened up on some of the decisions he’s made during his career which have seen him move between many different clubs.

In 2010 he was playing for Flamengo in Brazil, then he decided he wanted to come back to Italy and he signed for Roma.

The former Parma and Sao Paolo striker further revealed that he wanted to return to Inter but that couldn’t happen and the move to Roma ultimately turned out not to be so successful.

Adriano added that in hindsight he should never have left Brazil to return to Italy and Serie A and instead should have extended his contract with Flamengo.

“I shouldn’t have left Brazil and returned to Italy in 2010. I wanted to give an answer to how I left Inter. Italians are passionate about me, I kept it in my heart, in my head.

I wanted to return to Inter to return this affection. But unfortunately, it was no longer for me, I had my head in Brazil. I think I should have extended my contract at Flamengo.

He also added that he spoke with fellow former Inter striker Ronaldo at the time who persuaded him to go to Corinthians after Roma.


“Ronaldo called me and said, ‘Are you staying?’ I had just arrived from Rome. He said, “If I can, I would like to take you with me to Corinthians. He waited and went to Corinthians, but I got injured in the first training session. .

Adriano was an extremely talented footballer, but injuries marred his career. He opened up about it and that he wasn’t interested in staying in the sport.

“I don’t want to be a coach or an executive. I prefer to stay away from this side. I live my life as I see fit, close to my family and my friends.

“I decided to quit because I didn’t like playing anymore. I didn’t feel that urge anymore, also because until today I limp because of my tendon.

“I knew my return would be difficult. I had already achieved a few things as a player, I realized it was time to take a step back.

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