iPhone 14 Pro’s always-on display reportedly borrows vital privacy feature from Apple Watch

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 Pro could be set to borrow a big privacy feature from the latest Apple Watches, according to a new report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

Writing in his weekly Power On newsletter, Gurman says the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro will come with a new always-on display feature, as has been said before. But Gurman has now explained how it will work, saying the iPhone will show the same widgets that were announced as part of the iOS 16 refresh earlier this month. On newer iPhones, these widgets will appear on the lock screen and when the device is off, giving people a preview of everything these widgets display.

The main new feature, first shown here before iOS 16 was announced, is the revamped lock screen. The company has been working on this interface for a few years, and it makes sense to release it now because the lock screen works hand-in-hand with a new feature on the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro models: an always-on display.

Gurman goes on to say that the new iPhone 14 Pro devices will hide sensitive lock screen data when a setting is enabled, similar to how the Apple Watch Series 5 and newer handle information on their own. screens always on.

Like the Apple Watch, the iPhone 14 Pro will be able to display widgets displaying weather, calendars, stocks, activities and other data while the screen remains at a low brightness and frame rate. And there will be a setting, also like the Apple Watch, that will prevent sensitive data from appearing on the lock screen for everyone to see.

We already knew you’d have to buy the best iPhone of the year to get the new always-on features, but the addition of privacy-focused features will be welcomed by those worried about what information their lock screen might leak. inadvertently make available to the world.

Although Apple has yet to confirm the iPhone 14 lineup, it is expected to do so in or around September with four new devices hitting the market. Until then, the iPhone 13 and the rest of the lineup remain the iPhone to get.

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