Kerala: Only borrowed money was repaid, says CK Janu | Kochi News

KOZHIKODE: Janathipathya Rashtriya (JRP) Party leader CK Janu said on Sunday that the money she gave to CPM leader and ex-MLA CK Saseendran was the money she borrowed from him.
“I borrow money from various people and I always pay it back. Even though I am not able to repay on time, I will always repay whenever I can. I paid back the money I borrowed from (former) MP Sasiettan. I can borrow it again from him or someone else. He had arranged the money through a bank loan because he did not have the money. I reimbursed it also by the bank. What a world is this, can’t I borrow someone’s money? Janu said.
She said she borrowed Rs 3 lakh and repaid Rs 1.5 lakh when she sold her car. “I couldn’t repay the rest and recently I repaid him the rest. It is not bribe money as it is claimed, but money that I earned by working hard, ”Janu said.
MSF State President PK Navas previously told police that Janu handed over the bribe money she received from BJP State President K Surendran to the wife of Saseendran.
Shortly after, Saseendran clarified that it was borrowed money that Janu had returned to him. He said Janu asked him for Rs Rs 3 lakh in October 2019 and it was given through a bank account.
In 2020, she returned Rs 1.5 lakh via the bank itself. He said the remaining Rs 1.5 lakh was given in March 2021 and that all transactions were done through the bank. He said that the amount was given as personal financial assistance and that the money given by the bank was returned by the bank.
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