Loan sharks trick borrower and misuse phone gallery photos for late loan repayment

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Mumbai: In yet another case of loan shark scam and harassment, cops have come across a new modus operandi used by loan sharks to trick victims. Recently, the accused who granted a small loan to a 32-year-old Ulhasnagar resident gained access to the victim’s mobile phone gallery.
The accused then obscenely transformed photographs of the victim’s friends and relatives in the gallery and then shared said images with people on the victim’s contact list. The victim filed a complaint with the police, The free press newspaper reported. According to Ulhasnagar Central Police Station, according to the victim, he often needs immediate cash for business purposes.

On April 12, the victim had taken out a loan of Rs 8,000 from a mobile loan application and said loan was due to be repaid within a week. Since the victim had no money, she could not repay the loan on time.

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However, when the victim had enough money to repay the loan, he requested the payment link details from one of the loan collectors associated with the loan application. Instead of sharing the payment link, the agent misbehaved and started blackmailing the victim.

On June 11, the victim learned that the loan sharks had accessed photographs of his friends and relatives recorded in his telephone gallery. The police have registered a case of penalty for violation of privacy and penalty for publication or transmission of obscene material in electronic form and are continuing their investigation.

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