Malta-based yacht finance business expands services

St Julian’s Maritime Finance Limited, a European yacht charter company, today announced that it has been licensed and licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) as a non-banking financial institution.

The license will allow the company to expand its already successful yacht charter business by offering finance leases. Malta is an ideal base for the business given its comprehensive yet straightforward and respected yacht registry, availability of quality staff and beautiful Mediterranean waters.

The company offers a one-stop-shop service to its European clients by offering tailor-made asset-backed financial and operational yacht charter solutions combined with ancillary yacht-related services, such as registration, insurance consultancy as well as other ad hoc services.

St Julian’s Maritime Finance now offers competitive loans to clients selecting boats worth between 1 and 10 million euros, new and well maintained.

Willem Steenkamer, CEO of the company, said: “It is a great day for the maritime sector in Malta, which is so well served in all areas of business, with the exception of finance, where few options were available until today. We are European, we act quickly and are delighted to improve yachting operations in Malta.”

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