PN’s reimbursement plan for taxes due during the pandemic will be interest-free

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A new Nationalist Party government will give businesses and the self-employed an eight-year interest-free period to repay deferred taxes during the Covid pandemic.

On Sunday, PN leader Bernard Grech outlined the plan that would allow businesses to repay taxes and social security contributions owed during the pandemic over an eight-year period to address cash flow problems.

In a statement released Thursday, the park said its policies were based on the needs of businesses, employers, employees and the self-employed.

“Many business people have gone through and are still going through great challenges and many of them are facing cash flow issues due to loan repayments that helped keep them afloat during the pandemic, and the postponement The Nationalist Party understands this situation and a government led by Bernard Grech will facilitate the reimbursement of these taxes over an eight-year period, without interest.

The scheme, the PN added, reflects the fiscal policies it will pursue if it is a government that respects the realities of law-abiding businesses.

“This will be complemented by incentives aimed at enhancing investment while reducing the tax burden,” the PN said.

In the coming weeks, the Nationalist Party said it will continue to discuss its political program with constituted bodies and social partners who will shape an economic plan aimed at creating wealth and increasing incomes.


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