Sanjay Das Burma Security Guard Chittaranjan Killed for Money Back!

Bhubaneswar: Although police have not yet solved the mystery surrounding the death of Chittaranjan Palei, personal security officer to the head of the BJD and deputy chairman of the Sanjay Das Burma State Planning Council, family members of the deceased alleged that he was murdered for a repayment issue. of borrowed money.

According to Chittaranjan’s parents, his friend Jagannath Sarangi alias Jaga had borrowed Rs 3 lakh from him but refused to repay the amount. Jaga killed Chittaranjan over the matter, they alleged.

Odisha DGP Abhay today ordered the Criminal Branch to resume the investigation into the case, which was recorded by the Puri Sadar police.

Family members of the deceased met with Puri SP Kanwar Vishal Singh yesterday and requested an investigation by the Crime Branch into the case. Das Burma along with Chittaranjan’s father, uncle, brother and sister met with the police official with a demand for strict measures against the accused.

Das Burma also had discussions with the SP and urged the police chief to conduct a proper investigation into the case.

However, Chittaranjan’s wife had alleged Das Burma’s involvement in the alleged murder.

Chittaranjan’s body was found floating in the Nuanai River below Sadar Police lines in Puri District on December 13. Originally from the village of Sanabandhakera under the police limits of Brahmagiri in the district of Puri, Chittaranjan disappeared on the night of December 10.

His family members filed a complaint with the police on December 11, claiming that Chittaranjan went to a party hosted by Jaga in Matiapada on the fateful night, but did not return home.

The body bore several marks of injuries, for which his relatives alleged it was murder.

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