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NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Friday refused to hear a plea asking the Center and the RBI to grant those who run gambling schools an “interest-free moratorium period on term loans” and that their NDEs be postponed until the corona situation calms down.
A bench composed of Judges L Nageswara Rao and BR Gavai, however, granted the applicant the freedom to address the RBI with his representation.
“How can the court grant the relief you are asking for in this petition. You are making a representation that they will decide but not making petitions like this. It is not for this court to provide what you are asking for? and the flexibilities you’re looking for, ”said the bench.
At this point, lawyer Rohit Pandey, representing the petitioner, requested the freedom to approach the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) with its representation.
The Supreme Court then granted the applicant the freedom to approach the RBI.
“We would not want to receive this petition. However, the petitioner is free to apply to the RBI who can properly decide on representation in accordance with the law,” the judiciary said.
The Supreme Court heard a plea filed by the Indian Council of Early Childhood Educators and Institutions (ICECEI), comprising professionals, groups, preschool and play schools as members, requesting an instruction that the loans granted by these institutions are not declared non-productive assets (NPA) due to non-payment of EMIs during the second wave.
The advocacy says that, like regular schools, they don’t win by providing online education to toddlers.
“The present petition is filed to uphold fundamental rights, in particular the right to a means of subsistence and the right to dignity which are enshrined in article 21 by seeking instructions to take effective and corrective measures to repair and overcome financial stress and difficulties encountered by preschools. … across the country during the second wave of Covid-19 in the form of a new moratorium on loans, an extension of the period under the restructuring plan and a temporary halt to the declaration of NPA by financial banks… ”, indicates the plea.
Unlike other schools which are in online education mode, these institutions cannot provide education by such means to toddlers and, therefore, have become unable to earn money, has t -he declares.
The plea filed through ICECEI President Yash Pal Singh referred to RBI notifications issued last year in which the suspension of the suspension of monthly loan payments was granted to borrowers.
“The central government and its relevant ministries as well as the Reserve Bank of India have not brought any relief in the current situation to all stressed sectors and individuals for whom livelihood and existence has been a question,” he said. declared the plea.
The second wave of Covid-19 shook the health and financial system, he said, adding that the government would be asked to allow “credit institutions to grant an interest-free moratorium period for term loans and to defer payment of loan installments for a period of six months or until the Covid-19 situation normalizes. ”
“Issue a writ… to ensure that all lending institutions… should not consider the last 16 months of the loan repayment trail, credit score and credit report when reviewing / reviewing processing the loan application or extending any grant / aid package issued by the respondent center for the benefit of pre-play schools, ”he said.
He also requested an instruction that financial institutions will not take any action to auction the respect of any property of a citizen, person or party or any legal person for a period of two years, depending on the plea.

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