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On Sunday October 31, I am ordained a bi-professional minister, but that does not mean that the business section ends.

Rather the opposite.

If I’ve learned anything over the past few years, it’s how interconnected life is. You might think spirituality has no place on Wall Street, but I can tell you it does.

We will not all agree on religion – this is not surprising because many of us also disagree on politics. Opinions are like navels; we all have one.

But when I sit down with clients and discuss money, we usually end up talking about the big picture – usually a longer time frame for goals or a broader context for priorities.

But sometimes we talk about the big picture and consider the day when they will leave this planet.

It is, after all, a basic service of a financial advisor: estate planning. It’s a very nice way to talk about the planning for his death.

It’s not an easy conversation, but I have found that the more comfortable you are with it, the more stable you are as a person, the more conviction you have in decisions, the more daring you are about priorities. .

Spiritual health precedes emotional health, without which life can be sabotaged.

So when we find ourselves in this larger context, life means a lot more than we realize.

Making good financial decisions is a discipline like eating healthy or exercising and it gives deeply satisfying results, and since there is a spiritual component in us, we cannot solve all problems as if we simply had to. more discipline or more reminders.

Sometimes intractable problems arise, apart from an act of God, a breakthrough of divine power, a signal of His love for us, and we are faced with the reality that we have to face Him. , in one way or another.

But how many times do we actually face Him?

Or sometimes, problems present themselves to people who claim to know and love God, but display fear and shame, lives defined by reservations and scarcity.

That’s when my challenge becomes to hold a mirror, as nicely as possible, and help them see what they can’t see, to give them freedom (not just financially).

Scripture says that God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, clothes the lilies of the field, and feeds the birds of the air – how much more will he take care of us?

He is a God of plenty, but if you still hold on to your fear and scarcity, what you need is not a financial advisor but interaction with the One who holds the stars in place, who measured the oceans with his palms.

The same goes for you and your career. People don’t just pay you to do your job. That’s the deal, yes, but that’s not the reason you’re on the planet.

The transaction is only a means of relation: a cause of reconciliation.

You are here to go above and beyond the expectations of your neighbors, to use your skills and find ways to bless each other. After all, you yourself have been blessed with these skills – you couldn’t really earn them on your own. You can’t even make your heart beat.

What I’m saying is we take a moment to consider where we came from, who we were made for, and where we need to go.

The meaning of life comes from there and the tranquility of these matters is in itself a ministry.

“Science is the explanation. Religion is a matter of interpretation. Science takes things apart to see how they work. Religion brings things together to see what they mean. – Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Adam Setser is a financial advisor at Kerrigan Capital and Risk Management, 3543 North Crossing Circle, Valdosta. He can be reached at (229) 588-8448.

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