SOSG borrows for development, not frivolities – Tambuwal

Sokoto State Governor Aminu Tambuwal has responded to false allegations made by the state chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and its protagonists that his administration’s recent approval to borrow 28.7 Billion naira will further result in the state becoming one of the most indebted states in the country. .

    SOSG borrows for development, not frivolities - Tambuwal     SOSG borrows for development, not frivolities - Tambuwal

Nothing could be further from the truth, he claims, as his administration only borrows to fund investment projects due to a lack of funds from federal credits and low internally generated revenue ( IGR).

The governor said so during a public meeting of stakeholders on the implementation of the 2021 budget and the public’s contributions to the development of the 2022 budget held at the Kasarawa International Conference Center in the capital. of State.

In a statement signed by the governor’s special adviser for media and publicity, Mohammed Bello, issues discussed during the more than three-hour meeting include: demand for increased health care budget, training of doctors , family planning (spacing), accommodation for victims of sexual abuse, support for accreditation of health facilities, implementation of capital projects and payment of salaries.

Other issues discussed at the meeting included granting the State Council internal revenue autonomy, improving the Sokoto State Geographic Information System (SOGIS), upgrading the Lugu in Wurno local government area, the construction of an undisclosed business, operation and transfer of a new onion. market to state government, cattle ranching and consolidation of gains made so far.

Governor Tambuwal was quoted in the statement as adding: “Someone, somewhere, sitting in the corner of his room, named Dr Abubakar Alkali”. He added that Sokoto is heavily in debt, which I believe is a native of that state.

“And, I don’t know where he got his numbers. He confused everything and made people believe that Sokoto was the worst state burdened with debts ”,

Additionally, contrary to Alkali’s claim, a participant in Monday’s stakeholder meeting said that Sokoto state’s domestic debt profile as of June 2021 places it as the 21st most indebted state in the world. out of 36 countries.

For this reason, the participant suggested that the state government should take advantage of the opportunities available on global economic platforms by acquiring bilateral loans to enable it to carry out many of the laudable legacy projects it has. launched.

“I know that they (APC and its supporters like Dr Alkali) cannot be happy,” noted the governor, who said: “I know him. He was a member of the CPC, now a member of the APC. He is thus trying to politicize the issue of development borrowing.

“Even America borrows. They borrow until today. So what are you talking about? What is important is that you really apply the money you borrowed to the development of your people or do you like some people do – they borrow money from China and neighboring Ghana will borrow less. ‘money for a better project; and then, here in Nigeria, we borrow more money for smaller projects.

“We are not doing this in Sokoto State. We borrow and we implement. Not everyone that you go to the assembly and ask for approval, that you actually have a draw. Some of the approvals we have are still there. No samples were taken. We do not borrow for personnel costs. We do not borrow for recurring expenses. We borrow for capital expenditure, which is enabled and healthy on a global scale, ”he added.

He called on the APC to tone down its virulent “dose of partisanship when it comes to security and development issues.” If people are doing well, say so, ”he said, citing the praise of the House majority leader, the Hon. Alhassan Ado Doguwa, who praised the achievements of the state government during his recent visit.

“Are you more APC than him?” He came and saw what we were doing and he congratulated the government of Sokoto State, ”the governor stressed, stressing that:“ For God’s sake, those of APC in Sokoto should calm down. Let them be just and just; and accept that the government of Sokoto State, by the special grace of God, is doing well.

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