The best Loans and Credits | Payday Loans

The best Loans and Credits | Payday Loans

If you are thinking of applying for a quick credit to cover a last-minute urgent need, you can resort to unsecured loans . Currently there is a large supply of quick loans in the market, carefully review what are the best options when applying for loans.

Loans without payroll are designed to adapt to the financing needs of each person and are granted in just a few minutes, in the most comfortable and safe way possible.

Antecedents of the loans without endorsement

Fast loans without papers arrived in Spain in 2008, as a result of the economic crisis that affected the whole country. Since then, and until today, its use has been increasing considerably.


On the other hand, these quick loans without payroll are extra money income, generally without interest and with very accessible requirements for everyone. The amounts of money and time of the credit are usually smaller than those that would be requested from a traditional entity.


How much money can be requested with a quick loan without endorsement?

The credits without paperwork instantly offered by most entities are limited amounts of a maximum of € 100, usually. However, Moomintroll can offer amounts of up to € 750; Moreover, the term of return of the credit is between 61 to 90 days.

In the case of the first loan, the amount does not usually exceed € 300, at 0%. In addition, unlike banks, at no time are asked for explanations about the use that will be given to the money.

Loans without endorsement in Spain

In Spain, the microcredit has managed to generate a dynamic that moves nearly 200 million euros with operations that do not exceed 600 €.

This market has attracted many companies providing financial services and banking entities. Consequently, they have diversified and popularized online loans, being forced to expand and bet on riskier formulas in order to get more customers.


Where do I find the best loan option without collateral or guarantee?

When talking about loans without payroll or endorsement only DNI between individuals, reference is made to loans of amounts or amounts without requiring a guarantee or endorsement from a third party. This type of loans is made between individuals, with interests agreed and regulated by law. A written contract is usually made to agree on the conditions.

Although they maintain some similar aspects with conventional money loans, such as: the study of the capital that can be requested, the terms and interest payable, these are loans aimed at people with difficulty accessing conventional credit. In Moomintroll we make it easy for you, because you will find the most transparent conditions from the first moment.

Five aspects to take into account to apply for loans

  1. The first thing that you should be clear about when applying for loans without questions is the amount of money that you are going to request and the term in which you want to return the loan. Use the simulator to determine the amount you can access and the companies that offer the best conditions.
  2. Make a careful investigation of the financial companies to know which offers the best conditions according to your needs.
  3. Carefully review the conditions before closing the agreement, never forget the fine print.
  4. Pay attention to the content of the agreement, quick loans without endorsement or interest must be completely free. Although they have no interest (0% APR), they may include additional expenses or commissions.
  5. In the case of applying for loans with ASNEF and without collateral, it is necessary to select well the financial company you are going to use. Also, you must be clear about the amount and time of return you need and, above all, not having incurred debts with other credit institutions.

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Requirements to request loans online without endorsement


  • Your name and last name.
  • Have a Spanish DNI or NIE identity document that certifies you as of legal age.
  • Contact phone number.
  • Email.
  • Bank account in which the money will be deposited in case of approving the loan.

Recommendations when requesting quick loans without endorsement


It is true that these express loans are an alternative that can get you out of a last minute hurry, without cumbersome procedures. However, they are still a financial product, so you should inform yourself properly and be aware of your financial situation. If you finally decide to request them, you must be sure that you can comply with the agreement.

If you adequately fulfill your credit obligations, you will not have unexpected cost overruns that can affect your long-term economy and, therefore, you can access these quick loans without endorsement whenever you want.

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Advantages of Moomintroll loans


These personal loans without endorsement have been created with a different objective to that pursued by traditional bank loans, since they are entered and reimbursed in the short term and by smaller amounts of money. Generally, they do not require having a payroll that guarantees regular income, nor do they ask for an endorsement to support the repayment of the loan.

Undoubtedly, all these characteristics make Moomintroll loans one of the best options to solve unforeseen situations. For example, if the heating breaks down just as winter begins and immediate repair is required, the best solution will be to resort to online loans. Further:

  • Personal loans without collateral offer greater accessibility than conventional loans, making them more attractive to many people.
  • The methodology is usually similar to that of online loans; the request is made through secure platforms such as Moomintroll , where some basic data are verified. In addition, all personal information requested is simply used to ensure that the person requesting the loan is a real natural person.
  • Generally, the application is free, and it takes little time to be evaluated and resolved. If the loan is accepted, the money is disbursed the same day to the applicant’s account.

What are you waiting to request your credit without endorsement? Talk to one of our expert advisors and take the step towards the financing you need at the hands of Moomintroll.

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