The “crazy” bride, she must return the borrowed dress despite the disinvitation of the person who owns it

A woman took Reddit to explain how, despite being uninvited from his brother’s wedding, the the bride still hope to borrow it wedding dress.

The 27-year-old said when a wedding invitation didn’t include his wife, she asked her sister-in-law why. Apparently the bride parents had “screwed her up” for inviting her, because they didn’t like the couple “for obvious reasons”.

Despite this, the bride was “crazy” when she asked for it. wedding dress be returned to him before the wedding.

Assignment on the Am I The A ** hole subreddit, the woman explains that she and her sister-in-law are close and have the same sense of style. However, his family is “vicious” and “comments my wife and I and acts like we are less than”. She said they are usually able to ignore them as they only see them on special occasions.

When her sister-in-law said she loved her wedding dress, the Redditor was more than happy to lend it to her on her big day.

However, when the invitation arrived with only one name on it, the alarm bells started ringing.

She said, “I called my sister-in-law to ask her, and she told me her parents gave her hell for inviting me, my wife and me, because they don’t like us for it. for “obvious” reasons and after a lot of arguments, they accepted that I come alone since I am the sister of the groom, but not with my wife.

Her sister-in-law apologized and explained that her parents were paying for the wedding. Although the parents of the bride “played with the whole guest list,” the Redditor said she wouldn’t go unless his wife was going too.

She wrote: “She got mad, told me to let it go, but I refused and she ended up withdrawing the invitation saying she was sorry for not wanting drama at her wedding. “

“I said ‘okay, no hard feelings’ and asked my brother to send my dress home. My sister-in-law was stunned after finding out that I had taken the dress back on. She came crying begging me to leave it to her because she’s not the one with the budget and her parents told her to pay for her own wedding dress but she has no money.

“She said she liked my dress and promised to take care of it and return it, but I refused.”

She continued, “My parents got involved, told me to let her have it and reminded me how strong our bond is, but I said it clearly wasn’t as strong as I thought so because she let her parents kick me and my wife out of the marriage.

She said she wasn’t mad, that she just didn’t want to give him the dress after everything that had happened.

She added that her sister-in-law was “crazy” and seemed to hope that she would change her mind by texting him every day in an attempt to “pressure” her to lend him the dress.

The comments were overwhelmingly on her side, with one commentator writing: “If your wife isn’t ‘good enough’ to be invited for obvious reasons, neither is the dress you married her in. “

A comment with 14,000 upvotes called her sister-in-law a chosen beggar and questioned the sister-in-law’s nerve to “shit about your sexuality and marriage and then feel entitled to have one.” most personal symbols of that in your own wedding dress that you married your wife with.

Another Reddit user wrote: “Choices have consequences. Your SIL [sister-in-law] chooses not to have you with your wife at the wedding. The consequence of this is that she cannot use your wedding dress.

With parents apparently dictating the guest list, it looks like they’d be the type to like to create a list of rules regarding what guests can and cannot do during the wedding.

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