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City council approved a six-year, $ 79.5 million capital projects budget without much discussion this week, but its passage has led some council members to ask and comment with Mayor Derek Slaughter on the statute. departments of security and finance and administration and public works.

During this week’s council meeting, City Councilor Adam Yoder, revisiting what he and other council members said they were interested in earlier this year, asked Slaughter if the city needed a director of public security.

Slaughter then responded by saying he was reviewing this with Fire Department Chief Mark Killian and Police Department Chief Justin Snyder.

Slaughter said former police chief Damon R. Hagan served as director of public safety and that during the interim or transition period he would not be in a rush to fill that role.

The public safety director’s conversation ended and Slaughter approached the finance department.

As for the CFO, Slaughter said, he was reviewing this and said he plans to move forward in the near future.

Yoder said the goal of consolidating roles in administration was to minimize the budgetary impact. Slaughter nodded.

It is “Feasible a director of administration” might not be necessary, Slaughter said.

Having the finance and administration director positions held by the same person would be difficult, Slaughter said. “It would be extremely difficult” he said.

Another consideration is determining a possible salary for a finance director, Slaughter said, adding that other aspects are under consideration, such as raising an existing municipal employee or finding someone else. .

As for the director (general manager) of public works, there were three people who expressed their interest.

“We may be lucky with number four” Slaughter said.

Several more talks have been scheduled, he said. “We may have to change the city code”, Slaughter said.

Based on his years of experience on the board, board chair Randall J. Allison has responded with respect to the consolidation of department heads and department directors.

Allison said he was not a supporter of consolidating or allowing conditions that create too much power in an individual.

Too much power, intentionally, or not influencing decisions without having all the information and having checks and balances is not a good thing, Allison said.

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