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In a previous newsletter, I discussed the nefarious myth that people who end their life or plan to end their life are somehow selfish.

Today I want to tackle another lingering myth that suicide and suicidal thoughts stem from one reason only.

That is, suicide and suicidal ideation do not take only one form. More than that, there is a nuance I want to do. Not only are there different factors for different people when it comes to thinking about suicide, but several factors can exist in the same person.

For example, in my case, depression made things pretty horrible in my life, at least on the inside. But it was whenever a lot of stress or anxiety accompanied the depression that things started to get unbearable.

Many other influences exist regarding suicidal ideation.

VerywellMind identifies many of the most common reasons people end their life, including mental illness (s), trauma, hopelessness, and loss or fear of loss.

Other factors can include chronic pain, economic situation (more than 10,000 suicide deaths in the United States, Canada and Europe are attributable to the Great Recession, according to Forbes), homelessness, or any combination of the reasons. mentioned.

With that in mind, we cannot expect a one-size-fits-all approach to suicide awareness and prevention. In future bulletins, I will discuss many of these factors in suicide and suicidal ideation and what society needs to do to reduce them.

Again, it is also important to realize that on an individual level, a person can have thoughts of suicide for a variety of reasons or multiple reasons. They may feel like a failure and / or a burden and / or unfriendly. It is complex, multifaceted and difficult to manage.

Perhaps this is why there is such a lack of conversation in our society about suicide. Because it takes time to peel the onion, so to speak.

Because there are problems at the individual and systemic level.

Because it’s gonna be tough.

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