TNRD Libraries Introduces New Guitar Borrowing Program

Supplied by Riversong Guitars, CEO Mike Miltimore said he wanted to lend a helping hand to people in the community looking to get into music.

“We wanted to make guitars really accessible. I believe my guitar invention is good for pros but also good for beginners,” says Miltimore, “So you have something playing – if it plays good, it sounds good, you’re going to want to play more, you’re I going to want to do more, so the best way we could think of to make guitars accessible to everyone in the TNRD is to partner with the library program where it’s free and anyone can play guitar.

Miltimore explained that the partnership came about after speaking with Chief Librarian Judy Moore about how they can help the community. Moore says that after two years of brainstorming, this project landed in their lap.

“What if the public library was considering lending guitars? she says, “So of course COVID got in the way of so many things, but now we’re back, back in action and we thought that would be a wonderful lead for all the summer programming that we’re going to deliver.

More information can be found on the guitar loan program.

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