Trove Finance goes truly global with the launch of a new app

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In a virtual launch greeted with fanfare and pageantry, Trove finance unveiled its new app Treasure 2.0 and its new website.

As a pioneering micro-investment platform in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), the startup shows no signs of slowing down as it rolls out an innovative suite of new products.

Commerce as a service from Trove

Trove launched Trading-as-a-Service (TaaS) to enable banks, asset managers and fintechs to seamlessly integrate US, Chinese and Nigerian stock and ETF trading through a proprietary API easy to use. Trove’s TaaS hosts all the features of a fully functional trading application, from integration, compliance, original research, education to other wealth management tools. This means that anyone can launch a trading application with very few lines of code, thanks to Trove.

Peer-to-peer fund transfer and stock donations

Users can now send up to $5,000 to other Trove users at no cost. Additionally, users can gift shares worth up to $5,000 to Trove users and non-users.

The new wallet system and debit cards

Trove has reinvented its wallet system to become “The vault” to power more money operations for its users. While the funds in users’ wallets could be used for commerce, users also have access to a debit card – virtual or physical – powered by MasterCard, to use the funds in their wallets to make purchases and withdrawals anywhere in the world. Additionally, users can initiate bill payments for their everyday needs such as Netflix, Apple Music, Amazon purchases, and social media ad payments (for our small business owners).

Find for business

Find for business ensures that your business can now own other businesses. This B2B product is intended to enable corporations, small businesses, cooperatives and trusts to trade and own stocks and ETFs without any personal liability.

Trove University

Trove University is the educational arm of Trove Finance with the aim of providing financial education to one million Africans in the form of courses, cohort programs, succinct explanations and talk shows. This on-demand product is free and available to all Trove users across the continent.

Real-time pricing and exclusive price alerts

The startup also unveiled a proprietary Price Movement Alerts system that notifies the user of any major real-time stock price changes in the user’s portfolio and watchlist. This is relevant as the startup has doubled the number of stocks available to users in the new version.

“Update Treasure 2.0 asked us to stretch as a team. We started with the guiding principle of offering more possibilities to our users and of innovating. Underserved customer segments, traditional financial institutions and fintechs can now extend their service offerings with our Trading-as-a-Service APIs. Legal persons can also now have access to smart trading offers.

We believe that every entity – personal or corporate, regardless of size – deserves to be a part of Trove’s world of opportunity. And we are happy to have achieved exactly that,” said Desayo Ajisegiri, the co-founder and chief operating officer (COO).

Trove finance is the answer to Africa’s access to global investment opportunities

While reveling in the moment by declaring that “Trove finance is the answer to Africa’s access to global investment opportunities”, Oluwatomi Solanke, CEO, hints that this upgrade is just one step in the long process of evolution of Trove. Between this launch and his next announcement, the ambitious CEO said his team’s goal is to “proliferate access to global investment opportunities across Africa, one country at a time.”

Watch the launch event: here and Download the Trove app today:

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