Twelve residents are running for Westland City Council

A whopping 12 Westland residents are running for four available city council seats in the 2021 election.

Voters will reduce the group to eight in the August 3 primary elections. The first eight voters will pass in the general election in November. The Council is a non-partisan body.

Once a new board of directors is in place, members choose a board chair and an interim chair from among their number. Annually, the president earns $ 18,247, the pro tem president $ 17,802 and the other members are paid $ 17,368.

Angela Anderson also applied, but said she was not actively campaigning as she was planning to leave Westland.

Hometown Life sent questionnaires to candidates to obtain information on candidate backgrounds and platforms. Each question was assigned a word limit, and responses exceeding that limit were cut short.

Here’s what you need to know about each candidate:

Sarah austin

Sarah Austin.

Austin, 41, is a senior human resources specialist at LafargeHolcim. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Eastern Michigan University.

“Through my experience as a human resources professional and Jaycee’s many years of leadership, I can make sure every resident feels their voice is heard and ensures fairness and respect for city governance.” , she said.

Austin was involved with the Westland Area Jaycees for 14 years and served as the president as well as the presidency of the Michigan Jaycees. She is also involved in the Order of the Star of the East, the VFW, and served as a Constituency President in Westland.

“I am passionate about my community, a desire to make sure everyone is heard, a professional business background and a desire to make a difference,” she said.

David cox

David Cox.

Cox, 63, is a former municipal councilor and is president of the Wayne-Westland School Board. He is semi-retired and works as a consultant for GSA Property Tax Consultants.

“(Let’s) make a partnership between Wayne Westland Schools and the City of Westland that would share resources throughout the summer and bring new recreational opportunities, team sports programs and professional program offerings to Westland. “, did he declare.

Cox is also a member of the board of directors of Westland TIFA and of the board of directors of the Westland Economic Development Corporation.

“I hope people share my belief that, first, we need to do more for our children recreationally, and second, I can help make it happen,” he said.

Michel delph

Michel Delph.

Delph, 59, works for the town of Farmington Hills.

“I love Westland, the city I live in and call my home,” he said. “I want to use my knowledge and experience to help make Westland a safer and more prosperous place for all of us.”

Delph says his experience working with a municipality distinguishes it.

“I’m not doing this for a living,” he said. “I have over 25 years of working with municipalities. I will work hard for the residents of Westland.”

Debra fowlkes

Debra Fowlkes.

Fowlkes, 64, is an insurance contract administrator. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in health services administration.

“I am running for council to help guide the growth of the city while maintaining the quality of life we ​​now enjoy, affordable housing, good schools, shopping, dining and recreational opportunities,” he said. she declared.

Fowlkes is also a former director of the Wayne-Westland school board.

“I have the education, work experience, leadership skills, community service as well as common sense that would make the right board person for Westland,” she said.

Jacques Godbout

Jacques Godbout

Godbout, 66, was a member of the board For more than 20 years and is vice president of Midwest Recycling. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Lawrence Technological University.

“Since I have been on the city council, the city has made tremendous progress and I am proud to have participated in this progression,” he said. “We still have more to accomplish and that is why I am running for re-election.”

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Godbout is also involved with the Michigan Municipal League, the Nanjing Transportation Commission, the Westland Lions Club, the Board of Directors of the Community Foundation of Westland and has served as a constituency delegate.

“Since I have been on the board, I have demonstrated the ability to understand complex problems, to propose innovative solutions, to work with my colleagues, mayors and administrations,” he said.

Jon haddad

Jon Haddad.

Haddad, 26, is a political organizer. He holds a BA in Political Science and History from the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

“I run because I know what it’s like to rely on resources and public services,” he said. “I want to make sure that our parks, libraries and public resources are maintained and accessible to all residents.

Haddad believes his experience in politics makes him particularly qualified.

“I worked in several city government offices, including controllers and clerks,” he said. “My experiences with municipal finance and government give me a key advantage.

Candi halton

Candi Halton.

Halton, 37, owns a small business. She is also a graduate of Washtenaw Community College.

“I am running because Westland needs to be more progressive in community development and we need leaders who are not afraid to stand up for all citizens of Westland,” she said.

Halton said, if elected, she will be an advocate for the community.

“I ask for your vote to ensure that the citizens of Westland continue to have a strong voice at the table,” she said.

Jim hart

Jim Hart.

Hart, 44, is the current president of the city council. He is also a consultant and real estate engineer for Verizon as well as president of RSM Technical Solutions.

“As the current chairman of the board, we have been able to accomplish a lot despite COVID, but we still have a lot to do,” he said. “The stimulus US dollars will have to be smartly applied …”

Hart holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix and a master’s degree in information systems from the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

“Experience and education really matter,” he said. “Board members need to think fiscally and responsibly and also know how to build consensus. Combative people rarely accomplish anything.”

Peter Herzberg

Pierre Herzberg.

Herzberg, 30 years old, is a current advisor and works in finance.

“I am running for re-election to continue the work I started in 2016, such as improving services, cleaning up the plague and taking initiatives to attract people and businesses to Westland”, a- he declared.

Herzberg holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Wayne State University.

“I’ve knocked on thousands of doors over the years and spoken to hundreds of business owners,” he said. “Resident feedback helps guide my decision making. “

Antoinette Martin

Antoinette Martin.

Martin, 64, is retired. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in Finance from Eastern Michigan University.

“Through the work I have done over the past 20 years serving Westland, I am ready to help Westland get back on track after COVID and be part of the solution,” she said.

Martin is also involved with the Westland Rotary Club and was previously involved with the Westland Brownfield Redevelopment Authority and the Westland Library Board.

“My experience sets me apart,” she said. “As a former business owner, personal financial advisor and volunteer, I have a unique understanding of the needs of the city.”

Josh powell

Josh Powell.

Powell, 35, works in information technology as a technical analyst. He holds an associate in criminal justice and a bachelor’s degree in information technology.

“I want to make Westland a better place to live for myself and everyone else, the current city government seems to be running the city for its own enrichment,” he said.

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Powell said, if he’s elected, it will be an independent vote to the council to try to improve the city.

“I don’t run for personal gain,” he said. “I am running to make the city a better place for my family and every family by extension.”

Melissa Sampey

Melissa Sampey.

Sampey, 39, is a partner and vice president of marketing and sales for TruChampions and a healthcare communications consultant. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Michigan University.

“As an energetic leader, passionate problem solver and innovative thinker, I run to share my strength and advocacy with the City of Westland,” she said. “I am committed to excellence and transformation for our residents and the city.

In the community, Sampey has volunteered for the Stephen Tulloch Foundation, Forgotten Harvest, Angels of Hope, Toys for Tots, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Detroit and Autism Speaks.

“Westland needs another strong female voice on council who will work hard and stand up for what’s right for our residents,” she said.

Contact reporter Shelby Tankersley at [email protected] or 248-305-0448. Follow her on Twitter @shelby_tankk.

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