UPI Autopay for recurring payments; List of banks and applications live on UPI AutoPay


Benefits of UPI AutoPay

For financial services:

  • EMI payments (loans, insurance, mutual funds) can be made through UPI AutoPay without missing due dates or setting reminders.
  • Payments made on time avoid late fees and penalties.
  • In UPI recurring mandates, each client can choose from a variety of payment methods (monthly, quarterly, etc.) and quantities (from Rs.1 / – to Rs.2000 +).
  • Recurring payments made in a secure and convenient way.
  • Process without using cash.
  • There will be no long queues.
  • There are no papers required.

For transit:

  • UPI offers a variety of passes on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • There will be no more fines or penalties for traveling without a ticket.
  • There is no need to worry about losing tickets.
  • It’s the ultimate in convenience.

For educational services:

  • Educational packages can be customized to meet specific needs.
  • Quick and easy payments to earn. information from the comfort of your own home.

For Ecom

  • UPI AutoPay service allows you to buy now and pay later.
  • For retailers, it’s easy to deliver to their doorstep.
  • Convenience is right outside your door (no looking for change etc.)
  • Edit, revoke and pause tools are also provided to change orders as needed.
How does UPI AutoPay work?

How does UPI AutoPay work?

A “Mandate” option will be available in any UPI compatible application, allowing customers to establish, approve, modify, stop or revoke a direct debit mandate. To use the UPI Autopay feature, follow this step by step guide.

Authenticate your account with a UPI PIN code once, and subsequent monthly payments will be automatically debited from your account.

For transactions up to Rs. 2000, create an electronic mandate using a UPI compatible bank ID or QR scan.

Each mandate will require UPI PIN authentication for transactions exceeding Rs. 2000.

Single, daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually mandates are all possible.

Live aggregators on UPI AutoPay

Live aggregators on UPI AutoPay

Sr. No. Live aggregators on UPI AutoPay
1 Razorpay
2 Payment
3 Cams Pay
4 PayG
5 Digio
6 PayU
7 Billing office

List of live applications on UPI AutoPay

Sr. No. Application
2 Payment
3 Industrial bank application

List of banks live on UPI AutoPay

Sr. No. Bank name
1 National Bank of India
2 Paytm payment bank
4 ICICI Bank
5 Baroda Bank
6 Axis Bank Ltd.
7 Bank of India
ten Yes Bank SA
11 Federal Bank
12 IDBI Bank Limited
14 Punjab and Sind Bank
15 Karur Vysia Bank
16 RBL
17 NSDL payment bank
18 Jio payment bank
19 Utkarsh Small Financial Bank
20 Saraswat Cooperative Bank
21 Small Northeast Financing Bank
22 Suryoday Small Finance Bank
23 Small Shivalik Corporate Bank
24 Thane Janta Sahakari Bank
25 National Bank of Punjab
26 Canara Bank
27 SBM


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