Waupaca Hires Chief Financial Officer – Waupaca County Post

Kasza is waiting to withdraw from the city

By James Card

Kathy Kasza, the city’s chief financial officer/treasurer, may finally be able to retire in the near future.

She announced her retirement plans last winter, but continued to work part-time as the city of Waupaca searched for her replacement.

The city recently hired Stephanie Reif. His current title is Deputy Chief Financial Officer and will be for the first six months of his job.

As she masters the position and gains more experience, she will eventually assume all of the responsibilities of Chief Financial Officer and City Treasurer within six months.

Born and raised in Hartford, Reif earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville in 2016.

She worked in Stevens Point at Ortho Molecular Products, a manufacturer of nutritional supplements for the health care industry in Stevens Point. There she served as an account manager and held other roles in purchasing and administration.

“It’s a big role to fill, that’s for sure. It’s certainly different in terms of the environment and the nature of the business. This is service-oriented rather than profit-oriented. I think a lot of the things I did in my previous position were very similar to what I do now,” Reif said.

She has lived in Waupaca with her husband and children for six years.

Her husband, Tom Reif, is a physical education teacher at Waupaca Learning Center and Waupaca Middle School.

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