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With the beginnings of Avengers Campus at Disneyland Resort in Southern California and the ever-expanding plans at the Universal Orlando Resort, a question arises: When will Universal Orlando replace Marvel Super Hero Island?

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Universal Orlando is one of the most visited theme parks in the world, rivaling the Walt Disney World Resort which is only a short drive from I-4. Marvel Super Hero Island is part of Universal’s Islands of Adventure Park, home to the new VelociCoaster.

Showcasing exciting and fan-favorite attractions inspired by classic Marvel characters like Hulk and Spider-Man, the country is otherwise lackluster for offering other experiences, including food.

Marvel Super Hero Island was the very first Marvel-themed land to come to a theme park in the world. Beating Disney by two decades, Universal officially opened up the comic book world on May 28, 1999. But not much has changed since then.

Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park
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The original theme of Islands of Adventure was “Cartoon World”, with a “DC Superhero Island” originally planned for this latest Marvel Super Hero Island. Since then, the Universal idea of ​​this land has been somewhat forgotten as the land does not offer a cohesive history and is simply confusing when walking through it.

The pitch hasn’t received a major facelift in over 20 years, except for updates from The Amazing Spider-Man attraction regarding the quality of the projection. There are a few bottlenecks as you head to Toon Lagoon (another outdated country that has a lot of potential), and there’s even a dead space in Marvel Country.

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man attraction at Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure Marvel Super Hero Land
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Marvel Super Hero Island is one of the park’s original six opening “islands”, but this land hasn’t seen a major update or addition like the others. Toon Lagoon is another opening lot that could use some updates, and it’s adjacent to Marvel Super Hero Island.

When it comes to competing with Disneyland’s Avengers campus, technology and themed entertainment can’t be matched by Universal. WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure at Avengers Campus features revolutionary technology that allows guests to throw webs with their hands. At the same time, on the ride, and there’s another Avengers-themed e-ticket attraction that’s still coming to Marvel Land from Disney California Adventure (although Disney doesn’t use the word “Marvel” in any marketing. for the campus).

So Universal Orlando could bring some amazing updates to the land of comics and help tell an in-depth story across the country like Avengers Campus does on the West Coast. Or, if they really want to shake things up, completely replace Marvel Super Hero Island and Toon Lagoon.

What could replace Marvel Land at Universal Orlando?

In recent years, there has been a flurry of rumors that Universal is working to bring The Lord of the Rings at one of their Universal Orlando Resort theme parks.

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With the construction of their “third gate” park, Epic Universe, which Universal is reportedly targeting to grand opening in 2025, we likely won’t see any major updates to Islands of Adventure after the VelociCoaster opens.

However, once the Epic Universe opens, Universal could theoretically focus on Islands of Adventure and tell a new story. While Marvel Super Hero Island is always a lot of fun, especially with the roller coaster The Incredible Hulk, it would make sense to focus on renaming that land, Toon Lagoon, or The Lost Continent in Islands of Adventure.

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The Lord of the Rings would be a striking addition to the Universal Orlando Resort, as Middle-earth would fit right into this park, and Universal would be the best home for the work of an earth-themed author, JRR Tolkien. Everything from a Gollum animatronic to fun dining experiences with your favorite characters, like Frodo Baggins and Legolas, at the Green Dragon Inn could easily become the fan-favorite experience at Universal Orlando.

History of Marvel Superhero Island

On June 4, 2021, Disney California Adventure Park officially opened the Avengers Campus, marking the first Marvel Land on the West Coast and past the Mississippi River – and the first superhero-themed land in a Disney park.

When Disney acquired Marvel in 2009, they didn’t get all the theme park rights needed to use a Marvel character in their theme parks. Long-standing court case rules Disney is not allowed to feature popular Marvel characters, like Iron Man, Spider-Man and Thor, or even use the word “Marvel” in theme parks to the east. of Mississippi.

The Incredible Hulk Coaster, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, Doctor Doom's Fearfall and more.
Credit: Universal

That’s right, it sounds like a cowboy deal. Universal Orlando has full Marvel reign east of this beautiful Mississippi River, which means the Walt Disney World Resort won’t have its own Avengers campus.

Universal Studios secured the rights to the theme park for Marvel in 1994, when the comic book company was in serious financial trouble. When Disney acquired Marvel in 2009, CEO Bob Iger acknowledged those rights and said the deal was still in effect as long as Universal continued to pay royalties to Marvel.

The Incredible Hulk Coaster
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Not building a Marvel land on the east coast isn’t a problem for Disney, with the opening of Avengers Campus at Disneyland Resort. The question is, however, when will Universal replace or even update its Marvel Super Hero Island?

Universal’s Marvel Land offers four attractions: The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk Coaster, Doctor Doom’s Fearfall, and Storm Force Accelatron.

The rest of the grounds offer ordinary dining and shopping experiences, with items you can find in other retail options outside of the park.

Dining options at Marvel Super Hero Island
Credit: Universal

Other than that, Marvel Super Hero Island is rather confusing and misleading. There is simply no story, unlike the Jurassic Park and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter sections of the park.

However, there is so much potential for great storytelling in Universal’s Marvel territory, as the Marvel Universe is constantly expanding. At the same time, they can’t focus on the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Avengers Campus has claimed that territory. Marvel Comics offer more than enough resources for universal updating or even replacement of their lands, giving them another chance to tell a great story.

Do you think Universal should replace their Marvel Land? Let us know in the comments below!

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