Woman Arrests Her Fiance For Borrowing His Car And People Think She’s Right

Have you ever taken your partner’s car without asking? Well you might want to think twice before you start over, as one woman admitted to calling the police about her husband after he “stole” his car.

Heading to Reddit’s Am I The A ** hole forum, the woman asked if she was wrong for what she did.

She said: “My fiance (28M) and I (30F) have been together for 3 years, I lived near work and used public transport, but after moving into his house which is hours away from work , I bought myself a car since I am a nurse and also because there are no hospitals near where I could settle.

“My fiancé’s car hasn’t worked for almost 2 months now, it takes so much money to get it fixed and he refused my financial aid when I offered it.

“Instead, he would ask to use my car every now and then and I was okay as long as it was when I wasn’t working and also, since he only used it to go to the supermarket etc. .

Handcuffed criminal lying face down in a parking lot

“On New Years Eve he told me he wanted to use my car to go out with his friends and party, but I refused because I had to cover a night shift and I needed my car. to get to work. He insisted and even suggested that I take a night off or swap shifts with another nurse, but I couldn’t do it at the last minute.

“I thought he had dropped it but when I went in the shower and got out I couldn’t find him or my car, I panicked and started calling for a half hour but he didn’t answer me, I tried again until one o’clock.of his friends picked up, I asked him to give the phone to my fiance but he said they were out and confirmed he took my car and told me my fiance said it was better for me to skip my shift and come back with my car later.

“I couldn’t stand it, I was feeling so enraged that my fiance told him on the phone that I didn’t allow him to take my car to go out with friends and I said I would call the police to get him back if he refused to come back with, but he didn’t take me seriously so I ended up calling the police and he and his friends were arrested at the bar they were hanging out with and then taken to the police department .

The woman then collected her car from the police station and drove to work.

She said: “I got my car from there and always went to my shift, my fiance was fired hours after I left and he blew up my phone with missed calls and texts. explaining how crazy I was to call the police. him and put him in this situation.

“I didn’t respond, but when I got out of work the next day we had a fight and he said he couldn’t believe I would do this to him, but I told him he had me made him do that to which he replied that I was mean and insensitive because not only did I ruin his New Years celebration but all his friends don’t talk to him after I put them in this situation as well and he then continued to keep me quiet about it.

“I considered this to be a form of theft especially since he went behind my back after getting a ‘NO’ from me, but he was shocked that I even hinted that he was a thief and says what’s yours is mine and vice versa so I shouldn’t use the terms “steal and steal”.

People quickly supported the woman, telling her that she should end her engagement and find someone more mature.

One person said, “Daughter, why are you with a man who cannot provide for his own basic needs and insists that you cancel work so he can party? He uses you and you can do a lot better. Do not offer financial assistance to such people either. He has money to go out with his friends and then he has money for a car.

“ETA his friends got into this situation by getting into a stolen car. Do you really think they weren’t all sitting around laughing at you before this happened? “

While a second said, “Please, please tell us you dumped him.” He showed you who he is, believe him. He has no respect for you, your needs, or your property. You would do more in the future. Is that how you want to live your life? AND his friends are like him! You deserve so much more.

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